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28 November 2007

How Are You Found?

I was looking through the stats for WDC the other day on Google Analytics to make sure I installed it correctly.

I checked out things like total hits, unique hits, time on site, computer type, monitor resolution, etc. But the thing that really caught my eye was in the keyword section.

I just assumed that people would find WDC with words like "church web" or "church blog" or things like that. But this one jumped out at me:

How will my future benefit the greater good...
I must say, it made me stop and think. First, it affirmed that there are people out there desperate to know their lives matter - that they have some purpose beyond just circulating oxygen. And second, I realized that these people may happen upon WDC in their search for purpose.

So what are they finding? Am I pointing them in the right direction? Am I just confusing them?

Or by stopping by did they sense the ultimate truth that I do what I do because of Him - because I was bought with a price and I try to put 110% toward helping others have the same opportunity?