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15 February 2007

Is the M&M in You?

One of my friends posted on M&Ms latest marketing ploy. It's a simple interface that allows you to create your own personal M&M character. Of course you try and make it look like you so that's what I did.

My guy is me for the following reasons:

  • He's green (not sure what that says about me...)
  • He has robot arms (yes...I have been working out - thanks for noticing)
  • He has gray in his black hair (sign of maturity right?)
  • He has scrawny legs (it has been a while since I exercised the lower body...)
  • He is wearing hiking boots (i would love to be in Colorado right now...)
  • He has squinty eyes (yes, it fits...)
  • He's holding a coffee mug (enough said...)

I know this isn't real work related, but we'll just label it under Real Life and Fun!

Try it - you'll like it - and it won't melt in your hands...