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25 September 2006


I didn't post earlier due to all the activity surrounding the Innovative Church Conference, but I think it's time to talk about the Nip/Tuck to website ( Of course the cat's already out of the bag (see what Tony and Kem have to say about the updated look).

Aspire!One comes through again. Last Wednesday evening the new look went live. The image to the left is a small illustration showing the softer/rounded feel. It also shows the main page link to one of our newer features - the message in streaming video (available for one week). This image has a flash overlay with moving objects to catch the eye.

The Media Player has also been completely redesigned with enhanced functionality, a new look to resemble the website and the ability to save playlists and email links to friends (just to mention a few cool upgrades).

Stop by and check things out next time you're in the neighborhood!