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30 July 2010

I Have Moved!!!

I recently started blogging with WordPress at So here are the important things you should know:

  • Content: I moved all WDC content from to the new blog. In essence I'm starting over without the "brand." However, I wanted the old stuff to still be searchable if need be. I'm letting this blog continue to exist mainly because there is content (images) that the new site will still access rather than me going post by post and updating each image. Thank you Blogger for being free!
  • Your Subscription: There is a good chance you'll need to subscribe again if you want to continue to follow my blog. Simply hit the RSS button on either blog and you'll be subscribed to Here is the feed URL if that makes it easier:
  • Thanks: Thank you for going on this journey with me - hopefully you will continue to find it helpful and engaging.