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14 June 2010

Coffee + Uppity = Irritating

I was in an "uppity" restaurant the other day. When I asked for coffee, the response was, "Would you prefer the Ethiopian or Guatemalan blend?"

I stood there for a second and then answered as if I had a strong opinion, when in truth I could have cared less.

Why? As long as my coffee isn't Folgers, Maxwell House or McDonald's "blend," I'm typically good.

I think what really made me laugh (inside) was that the coffee they were brewing probably cost $6 a pound even though they were making it out to be expensive "gourmet" coffee.

What I should have said was,
Actually, I was hoping you had Blue Mountain Coffee from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.
If he knew what I was talking about, I would have been really impressed. You see there is good coffee, and then there is amazing coffee. And if they really wanted to impress me (in a genuine way) - they would have Blue Mountain Coffee flown in weekly for my drinking pleasure...

Please Make Your Point!
A bit over the top, I know. But it made me think about our websites - or more specifically our "digital footprint" as churches.

Are we offering people a little of this or a little of that because it sounds impressive? Because it's the latest thing? Because we were able to find an amazing plugin that didn't cost much but makes us look really innovative?

Or are we giving people what they need? What their souls are craving?

Are we stripping it all down and offering them the gospel in digital form?

Are we giving them "uppity fluff" or the stuff straight from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica?

I'm as determined as ever to figure out what we're doing well and what we're putting out there to look cool. Hopefully this year we'll strip away all the fluff and help people truly see God through our digital presence.