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12 September 2009

Online Giving Redux

This morning the new Online Giving page officially went live.



It may seem like a fairly straightforward upgrade, but online giving is a difficult thing to conceptualize, organize and implement.

You start with a ton of information that needs to fit in a limited area. You have so much you need to say and yet you want it to be the most streamlined and simple process for your guests.

So what you try to do is boil it all down to simple copy, an easy flow of information and a straightforward interface that gets people from Point A to Point B.

Here are a few of the biggest changes to the Online Giving page:
  • Reduced the copy people read on the main page.
  • Made PayPal an option for giving. Even though FellowshipOne is the preferred giving portal, we want to make it easy for people.
  • An accordion page element is used to give people the option for more information without cluttering up the page or taking them away from the main giving page.
Every element of your (our) website needs this type of upgrade every now and then. Doesn't it feel good to roll out the next big thing?