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20 September 2008

Casual Q&A Information

Just a quick post for those who attended my Casual Q&A sessions during Innovate08. I promised you some information so here it is:

Web Streaming

  • Video encoding software (see list of tools below)
  • Vendors for streaming video (see list of tools below)
  • Our current Streaming Video Settings: 640x360 | Deinterlace on | 750kbps max stream | 15 frames per second | 80kbps stereo (audio)
RSS / Podcasting
  • Blog software (see list of tools below)
  • Blog readers (RSS aggregators): Bloglines, Google Reader, Modern browsers like IE7 and Firefox3, Outlook 2007
Good Info for Both Groups
I'm sure this isn't a complete list so hit me up for more information if you need it.