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13 August 2008

What Were They Thinking? (WWTT)

I've decided to start a new blog post series called What were they thinking? I've been planning to for a while, just wanted to make sure I had a good direction in mind and had thought it through. Here's why: Posts like this can come across as very negative and derogatory. And I wanted to make sure that they added value rather than just appear like I'm complaining.

That said, here is my hope for this series:

  1. Each post will describe something (it could be a product, website, brand, service or really anything for that matter)
  2. Next, I'll try to explain where I think there was a breakdown that caused a lack of excellence.
  3. Finally, I'll try (may be difficult in some situations) to use this lack of excellence to illustrate something of value - so we can learn from the mistakes of others.
This is just an introduction to WWTT so look for the first post later this week.