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14 July 2008

Taking Feedback Seriously

I recently posted on the importance of filtering your audience feedback - ignoring the majority of it in order to focus on the stuff that is really helpful.

So I thought it might be a good idea to give an example of this: The Arts Information Page on

The Arts Department was receiving numerous inquiries about songs used/performed on stage during services. Inquiries came via email, phone and personal conversations. So the need was there to centralize this information and cut back on the time spent looking for it for people.

To accomplish this we created the Arts Information Page. It does the following:

  1. Becomes a one stop shop for people looking for the arts information from our services
  2. In a small way gives back to the featured artists. We typically link directly to the artists or their songs in the iTunes Store - thereby providing free publicity and advertising for them
According to Google Analytics this page was viewed 518 times in the last month. Hopefully the tool is serving it's purpose and people are getting the information they want in a quick and easy way. And I think the Arts Department is happy too...