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19 May 2008

Mexican Money Management

Tammy and I ate at Cozymel's Mexican Grill while we were in Dallas. And while the food wasn't really worth blogging about, there was something that totally got me geeked about the restaurant.

Each table had a small touch screen propped up on a stand. During the meal it offered the specials and even movie times at the nearby mall. But it was what happened after the meal that really amazed me.

When you were finished, the server finalized the bill and made it available on the touch screen. You pushed the "pay" button and then slid your credit card through a slot on the side in order to pay for the meal. You're even asked how you would like the receipt. I chose to have ours emailed to us. And within 10 seconds it was showing up in the Inbox of my MotoQ9.

I love this stuff! Just think of the possibilities for personal banking in the church world. You could have these on the seat backs in the auditorium. You could have self serve kiosks in the atrium. Or let's get even more personal and make this software available on mobile phones. Imagine if you had a mobile app that allowed you to give your tithes and offerings when needed. Or if you could navigate to a mobile version of the church website and click a link that allowed online giving from a mobile phone.

Sound crazy? I'm betting it's not far off my friend :)