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15 October 2007

Online Media Player: Follow Up

Online Media PlayerI typically don't have time to respond to comments posted on my blog. I read them and often take suggestions from them, but can't get into the back and forth dialogue many of them require. However, there are times when a post generates a lot of comments/questions so I try to answer them all at one time in a follow up post.

In this case there were quite a few questions about the online media player and the subscription service that accompanies it. So here is are some extra details:

The Online Media Player:

  • Rivals cutting edge players like those used by VH1 and ABC in terms of player layout and features offered (including channels, categories, playlists and send to a friend feature.
  • Is totally dynamic and created completely in Flash with over 700 hours of development time invested.
  • Is fully supported with excellent customer service.
  • Has a simple Administration Panel allowing the user to add Channels, Categories and media items.
  • Comes with free upgrades: All ongoing upgrades and tweaks are offered free to subscribers.
  • Is designed to accept streaming video feeds directly from LightCastMedia (streaming packages sold separately) which allows larger and longer video clips to be used in the player. Adding a LCM streaming video is as simple as putting a video ID# from LCM into the Online Media Player Administration Panel.
  • Has a monthly subscription cost so you don't pay for upfront development, ongoing development, hosting or storage.
  • Allows you to present your created media in a cutting edge player in less than 24hrs.
  • Allows you to stream full length messages, services, trainings, etc. in a player capable of displaying content in full screen mode (additional streaming service required).

Hopefully this helped answer some of the questions I saw in the comments. If you have other questions feel free to email me (see link in footer of this page) and I'll try to reply or post again if there seems to be groups of similar questions.