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10 November 2006

WiredChurches Workshops | Communications

Today was another one of those fun days at work. Not only did I get to do my regular job, but I also got to help support the check-in process and attend the majority of the Communications Workshop hosted by

Kem was amazing as always talking about the development of a communications strategy that works. She hit on communications myths, best practices and tips the attendees could take home and try right out of the box.

Worth attending just for this:

  • Less Clutter & Noise Mantra
  • As a communications professional you have the responsibility to "lead up" at you place of employment
  • Your communications department is NOT a brochure factory
  • Your communication department should function as an internal consulting firm - not as a silo but in collaboration with other departments
  • You may have to say NO more often than YES and rather than "directing" you may find yourself "redirecting"
  • Ask, don't tell: Rather than opposing your superiors by telling them NO, lead them to make the right decision by asking the right questions
  • Find the yes behind the no
  • Coach vs. Censure
  • Offer tools to gain credibility
  • Too much more to list here...come to the next workshop!

It's great being part of a team of professional people in key leadership positions whose passion is to give away their knowledge to equip others in the business of taking Jesus to the world.