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20 October 2006

iTeam - Do You?

This week a big chunk of our team has been out of town doing regional workshops. And while we still have cell phones, IM and email it just feels different. We work at a church that believes in and values working in teams. You often hear phrases like, "We do everything in teams" or "A team outperforms an individual every time." So it feels strange to sit at your desk with half your team missing and expect to perform as well.

Now don't get me wrong - there's something to be said about peace and quiet...

With the other members of the team gone I have ripped through my "To Do" list and was able to prepare for some cool things that are about to happen in the life of the church. I've also been able to do some much needed research into future web technologies and I was able to dive into an incredible piece of software (more in the next post).

But I am definitely looking forward to the team returning.

So do uTeam?

If not I challenge you to. If you are in a large church/business you will already have a department of paid staff. Begin today to champion the team approach. Model it in your behavior and your verbiage.

If you are in a small church/business you may be the only person in the department. But what an opportunity to begin the process and lay the foundation for future collaboration.

At Granger we place a huge emphasis on getting people involved at the volunteer level. This may be your next step. Invite people to volunteer in your department/ministry using the team approach and see what great things can happen!